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Wheels Of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune (in engl. "Wheel of Fortune") has always been considered one of the symbols for the gambling . The origin of the word wheel of fortune can be derived using the same gambling, which has existed since the middle ages and is played in many places in the world. When gambling "Wheel of Fortune" turns the player on a wheel, with a certain number of marked fields.

The fields are separated, for example by wooden pins from each other and contain values ??(such as numeric values). The numerical values ??in the fields of fortune are paid or payout percentages on which the player uses previously and featuring a certain payoff in case of winning. After each player has made ??his bet, the Wheel of Fortune is the croupier initiated.

A needle goes into the rotating wheel of fortune, this slows down and brings it to a halt. The field of fortune, in which the needle final stops, wins. Players who have set this field to win. Yet to date, modified forms of the (roulette-like) gambling are played in casinos, the rules vary in different casinos here. The wheel of fortune is always there operated by dealers to eliminate tampering and to keep the randomness of gambling high. Meanwhile, the Wheel of Fortune (Wheel of Fortune) is rotated at other locations. At public festivals are a popular offering, the rules vary.

Users who frequently spin the wheel, can possibly gain by experience benefits and minimize the randomness.  For this purpose, often exact rules are developed (eg, the wheel must create a certain number of complete revolutions before a match is valid) to limit manipulation attempts on Wheel of Fortune. At the beginning of the 90s the wheel of fortune also became the main element of the game of the same television quiz show.

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